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20th October 2015

Victory at Last

At last Cheddleton clicked into gear today with a comfortable win over Danish National League Champions BrØnshØj. BrØnshØj is a suburb in the Northern part of Copenhagen and the chess club is one of the leading clubs in the country.

David Howell finally showed his class with an impressive win over Jakob Aabling-Thomsen, whilst Ezra andAlex continued their run of good form. A renewed Keith also came back with a victory.

19th October 2015

Loss at Skopje

After a rather iffy start yesterday against Feffernitz, the Austrian Champion team, Cheddleton today faced Modena who were runners-up in the Italian National League this season to Padova. On paper, Modena were quite a lot stronger than Cheddleton and a tough struggle was anticipated. Weakened by the absence of Keith Arkell, the team still seemed to be giving a good account of themselves and then suddenly the enormity of the task before them seemed to take over and only an impressive win by Ezra and two sound draws by Malcolm and Alex appeared on the plus side at the final reckoning. The stage is now set for five successive victories to bounce the team back up amongst the leaders.

18th October 2015

The European Clubs Cup Opens in Skopje

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The Cheddleton team arrive at the Aleksandar Palace Hotel at Skopje, Macedonia, yesterday. They are (left to right) Keith Arkell, MalcolmArmstrong, Ezra Kirk, Fiona Steil-Antoni, VladHamitovici, Alex Colovic and David Howell.

Cheddleton scraped a draw today in the European Clubs Cup with Raika Rapid Feffernitz, the Austrian National Champions, at Skopje in Macedonia. There were shock losses for David Howell and Vlad Hamitovici on the top two boards but wins by Alex Colovic on board four and Malcolm Armstrong on the bottom board brought Cheddleton back into the match. Keith Arkell and Ezra Kirk completed the proceedings with two draws. Keith was not at all well throughout the match and did extremely well to take anything from his game at all.

16th October 2015

Victory for the E Team

The members of the E team made a good start to their Third Division campaign tonight with a win over a useful-looking Meir A side. All games were close and swung first one way and then the other until Dominic finally got the better of his opponent. Not long afterwards, Phil agreed a draw on the top board and then Jacob Cartlidge decided there was little to choose on his board as well, which left Sam to struggle for the best part of another hour before he too settled for a draw to make Dominic the match winner.

14th October 2015

G Team Draw at Newcastle

The G team held the line at Newcastle in a Fifth Division match against Newcastle F tonight with a match of four black wins. Andrei was an excellent winner and Joe completed the draw with a two and a half hour fight that he eventually converted to victory.

12th October 2015

C Team Share the Spoils at Fenton

The C team travelled to Fenton tonight for a Second Division fixture and could account themselves a trifle fortunate to come away with a point. Simon won on the top board and Jon, Sandra and Bill all came away with draws to level the final result.

9th October 2015

D Team Makes a Bright Start in Division Three

There were two matches tonight in the North Staffs League. The D team entertained Kidsgrove in the Third Division and gained both points thanks to Jon and Sandra Blackburn who both won. David Hallen clinched the match with a draw on the bottom board.

The G and H teams drew in a Fifth Division match with Andrei and Ali winning for G team and Caroline and Emma for the H team.

7th October 2015

B Team Win at Crewe

The B team travelled to play Crewe A tonight and came back with two points after a fierce struggle. Sam and Dominic were both winners with Jack and Jacob Boswell each drawing to ensure the victory.


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