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19th November 2015

C Team go Ahead

The C team leapt to the top of the Division Two table tonight – though, no doubt, only temporarily. They travelled to Holmes Chapel B and, in the end came away with a hard-earned, tough victory. Simon Edwards was the first to finish when he agreed a draw on the top board that consisted of a game that did not seem to be going anywhere. The three middle boards brought wins for Bill and Roger Edwards to put the visitors a board up and the all depended on the result on Sandra’s board five. Swinging first one way and then the other, it looked lost for quite a long time, but Sandra is not the player to acknowledge defeat without a very grim fight and this was precisely what she produced to draw and so win the match.

15th November 2015

4NCL Ends on a High Note

The season’s first troubled 4NCL weekend finished on a high note with three excellent results today.

In the First Division, Cheddleton 1 had a tricky match against a strong Oxford 1 team. Again the team started a board down with Elena unfortunately still trapped in Paris. The match was extremely long with five of the games going into the evening after Jon and Ezra had put them two-one up by the early afternoon. When the results did start to roll in, David added to the lead and then Tamas and Jovica settled on two tough draws. After another brief playing interlude, Alex finished on the side of victory and Vlad then settled on a draw to give Cheddleton a second good five and a half to two and a half win of the weekend.

In the Third Division North Pool A, Cheddleton 2 came back to winning ways against local rivals, Holmes Chapel who are strengthened this year by the inclusion of former Cheddleton player Geoff Laurence.

Geoff’s game against Colin Davidson was the first to finish in a fairly predictable draw. This was soon followed by Simon agreeing a draw with John Turner. After an hour or more, Cheddleton went two–one behind but this was quickly followed by Chris Sizeland’s win on the bottom board evening up the scores.

This was how it remained until the early evening when Alex grabbed the lead for the first time in the match with a hard-earned win on board two. Later still, a draw by Paul Wallace on the top board clinched the team’s first victory of the season.

Finally, Cheddleton 3 were playing Manchester 1 and were totally outgraded on each board. In spite of this, the local team put up a tremendous fight to gain a drawn match. Jacob Boswell who has had a remarkably good weekend, and Karol both won handsomely whilst Bill and Roger both picked up valuable draws to halve the match.

14th November 2015

A Troubled Opening in the 4NCL

The horrifying events in Paris last night seem a long way from Cheddleton but they managed to play an important part in the First Division clash in the Four Nations Chess League between Cheddleton 1 and Spirit of Atticus A of Liverpool. Elena Partac was due to debut for the team but, as she lives in the North Eastern part of Paris, she was unfortunately unable to travel with all French borders closed.
The team was already without four regular players – one in the World Veterans Champioships and three at the European Teams Championships at Reykjavik – and could ill-afford to start a board down. However, the team fought hard and wins by another debutant, Tamas Fodor, together with Jon, Vlad, Ezra and Jovica and a draw from Alex helped to ensure victory.

Meanwhile, Cheddleton 2 narrowly lost in Division Three North to 3Cs 2, Alex Richardson was the only winner with Paul, Simon and Ian all drawing.

Also in Division Three North, Cheddleton 3 gave a good account of themselves against an impressively strong Isle of Man team called Manx Ravens.
Another good draw by Jacob Boswell as well as two others by Roger Edwards and Jon Blackburn were only eclipsed by a stunning performance by Steve Emmerton who won on the bottom board.

13th November 2015

Not Much Success Tonight

The A team were outplayed by Newcastle tonight and ended without a single victory. Probably the best display was by Jacob Boswell who managed to hold his own with the highly-rated Ian Jamieson. The other draws were by Dave Buxton against Alex Richardson and Simon Gilmore against Reinhold Heinlein.

There was also a Fourth Division match for the F team against Meir B. Dave Rose and Paul Shelley both won to ensure a point for the hosts.

11th November 2015

No Luck at Stafford

The E team travelled to Stafford B tonight and hardly looked to be the sort of Division Three Championship contenders that they had seemed to be aiming towards. A win by Jacob Cartlidge and a draw from Dominic were all they had to show for an evening’s work.

9th November 2015

Undefeated at Meir Tonight

The club had two teams at Meir tonight and both returned undefeated. The Third Division clash between the D team and Meir A roved an exciting a close contest with the players with the white pieces winning on three boards. Two of these were excellent wins bt Jon Blackburn and David Hallen which gave the advantage to the visitors. John Yee then ground out a tight draw on the top board to make sure of both points.

The H team brought a hard-earned point back from Meir tonight in Division Five. Jacob gained an early slight advantage and maintained it throughout the game until it became enough to clinch the victory for him. Boards three and four were very up and down and at various times could have gone either way but, in the end, they both went the other way. This left Caroline to fight it out till half past ten before she finally squared the match with a painfully extracted win. On the top board.

6th November 2015

A Sad Shadow of their Former Selves

An out-of-sorts B team were well and truly demolished by a rampant Macclesfield side tonight, putting any pretensions they had towards the Second Division Championship well and truly in perspective. Not at any time did the home side look to be in command and,after three games had gone the wrong way, Jack Healings and Dave Buxton put in a mighty effort at the end to rescue sme semblance of dignity from the ruins. Not a good night!

4th November 2015

Goodbye to the Perry Trophy

Cheddleton bade a sad farewell at Newcastle to the Perry Trophy for another year tonight by the narrowest of margins. Paul Shelley and David Hallen took two boards for the visitors but but Alberto Gissi and Jeff Tombs pulled the home side back to an even score which meant that the visitors went out on board count. Ah well, here’s to next year!


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