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15th January 2016

Close Internal Matches Again

The first match between the E team and the D team in the Third Division of the North Staffs League took place tonight with first blood going to the D team. Again, all games were very close and this brought about a draw on the bottom board between Dominic Taylor and David Hallen. The D team then took an unassailable lead with wins for Jon and Sandra before a captain’s innings from Phil Birks pulled a board back for the E team.

Another evenly balanced match between the H and I teams in Division Five this time was reflected in the score. The League match was drawn but the full match with the extra boards resulted in a narrow win for the I team.

In the League match, Richard Sheldon and James Wood were successful with Jacob Smith drawing with Oliver Snape and Bethany Woolliscroft drawing with Laura Smith.

8th January 2016

Closer than it Appears at First Sight!

There was one match played tonight which was the rearranged internal Fifth Division affair between the H team and the I team which had originally been scheduled for the 16th October. The return match is due to be played next week and it is essential that, in keeping with the League rules, all internal matches must be played before the end of January.

The match was played over six boards with the top four being counted towards the League fixture. The whole event was very successful in all respects bar one. The games were played very competitively and seriously. Each one lasted for more than an hour and a half and each one was very even. The only slightly unfortunate aspect of the whole evening’s performance was that all six games were eventually won by the H team’s representatives – a fact which makes it look as though the match was very one-sided instead of being the even and hard-fought affair that it actually was. Anyway, congratulations to all those who took part in it for making an entertaining spectacle for those watching.

6th January 2016

Top of the Table Clash in Division Two

As befitted a match between the two teams jointly on top of the Second Division of the North Staffs League, the C team’s match with Newcastle C tonight ended in an honourable draw. Simon Edwards on the top board and Roger Walker on board four both came out victorious whilst Roger Edwards toiled to a draw on the middle board. This means that Newcastle C still hold top place by the margin of half a board point.

4th January 2016

A Quiet Start to the New Year

It was back to the fray for Cheddleton teams in the North Staffs League tonight with two teams in action for the first time in 2016.

The B team were in action in the Second Division and went to Macclesfield, still smarting from the unceremonious drubbing they received at the hands of the evening’s hosts when they played at Leek at the beginning of November. This time, things were much improved with good wins by Jack Healings and Dave Buxton together with a solid draw from Dom Taylor all making sure that a valuable point was pocketed. Even so, the team came away with the lingering thought that perhaps more could have been salvaged.

The F team, on the other hand, went to Fenton B for a Fourth Division match and returned severely chastened. Karol had a ding-dong battle on the top board where the final chance came to him one move earlier than it did to his opponent and Karol is not the man to let it go. This, however, was the only ray of sunshine that fell on the team all night and the other three players all returned home empty-handed after all putting up a decent but fruitless fight.

18th December 2015

The 2015 Seven Seas Tournament

The Twenty Second Seven Seas Tournament is the Cheddleton Chess Club Christmas Crazy Chess Competition (7 Cs!) and it has taken place during the last meeting of the club before Christmas every year since 1994.

The idea of the event is that play starts normally (sometimes). At intervals the controller will tell players to stop their clocks, and then he will change the rules, for example remove all pieces of a certain kind or from a certain place on the board. The controller's target is to make as many unhappy players as is possible in true Ebenezer Scrooge style. As the years fly by, he finds more and more ways of doing this. His hope is that not many people go home happy after it and so he won’t be the only miserable soul in North Staffordshire over Christmas Day!

Each game lasts exactly thirty minutes and each player has an extra ten seconds per move. This year there was a drop in numbers with only twenty-nine participants – ten down on last year. However, there was one notable entrant in the shape of Grand Master Keith Arkell who is the club’s senior Professional.

The very nature of the game is such that giant-killing is the rule rather than the exception and a player can be just on the point of declaring “mate” when a swift rule change turns the game right round.

At last the competition finished and the 2015 champion was unveiled as Rob Shaw – not for the first time. Somehow, Rob contrived to win all five games – a very difficult task when the tournament controller is watching everything and doing all in his power to trip up anyone who looks to be winning.

One of last year’s joint winners – Sam Beardmore – together with Keith Arkell and Jacob Smith, finished equal second with four poits out of five.

The Controller will be sorry to hear that everybody (well, nearly everybody) seemed to enjoy the event again and can’t wait for next year.

There will now be a fortnight without a club and it reopens on Friday 8th January 2016 and we wish all members a happy Christmas.

16th December 2015

The D Team go Down at Crewe

Only Jon Blackburn saved the D team’s blushes at Crewe B tonight as they surrendered top spot in the Third Division to their conquerors. Jon took a well-earned draw from Martin Gill.

15th December 2015

The E Team on Song

The E team travelled to Kidsgrove tonight and carried on where the H team left off last night. Dominic won again and was joined by Phil and Jacob. Sam was held to a draw on the top board by the ubiquitous Rich Wiltshir

14th December 2015

H Team Win at Meir D

Tonight saw the H team win for the first time this season with an impressive performance at Meir D. Caroline, Dominic and Beth were all successful and the team travelled home with a smile of self-satisfaction on each face after a 3 – 1 victory.


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