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20th February 2011


A very full week started with a visit by the X team to Meir B on Monday for a Fourth Division match.  A good win was recorded by Alex Cartlidge and Phil Birks and Jacob Cartlidge ensured a share in the points by settling for draws.


Meir B  2 2 Cheddleton X  

Steven R Hill  ½  ½  Philip N Birks, Raymond F Rhodes 0 1 Alex J Cartlidge, Michael J Judd 1 0 Liam J Dimmick, Stuart Green ½ ½ Jacob D Cartlidge  


Wednesday saw the visit to Newcastle of both the B and C teams for Second Division fixtures.


The C team, in second place, faced Newcastle B who were the Division leaders.  Excellent wins by Bill Armstrong, Phil Birks and Karol Grzybowski added to a handy draw by Matthew Wyza enabled the C team to leapfrog their opponents to reach the top.


Newcastle B 1½ 2½ Cheddleton C

Martyn J Harris ½ ½ Matthew P Wyza, Geoffrey S Lee 0 1 Philip N Birks, Francis E Westfield 0 1 William G Armstrong, Samuel D Onions1 0 Allan R Beaumont, Richard P Cantliff 0 1 Karol Grzybowski


The B team were not so lucky and fell to a strong Newcastle C.  Simon Edwards played magnificently to have the better of his game on the top board but settled for a draw with his game in a difficult position when time was called.  Vlade turned in a fine display to win his game.


Newcastle C 3½ 1½ Cheddleton B

Alex Richardson ½ ½  Simon R Edwards, Barry Jones 1 0 John Y Yee, Watson Fuller 0 1 Vlade V Luzajic, John R Day 1 0 Alastair D McFadden, Peter Shaw 1 0 Alexander J Cartlidge


There were four matches at home on Friday with pride of place going to another rare Division One match.  This was so close-fought, that three of the games were agreed drawn and there was one win each in the other two, making the match a draw.  Craig Whitfield was Cheddleton’s sole winner, with Rob Shaw, Dave Buxton and Simon Edwards each sharing their games.


Cheddleton A 2½ 2½ Newcastle A

Robert Shaw ½ ½ Martyn J Harris, Craig M Whitfield 1 0 Alan M Paling, Simon R Edwards ½ ½ Ian M Jamieson, David E Buxton ½ ½ Barry Jones, John Y Yee 0 1 Geoffrey S Lee


In a Third Division match, the D team were held to their second successive draw by Holmes Chapel D.  The players with the white pieces were victorious in each game.  Roger Walker and David Hallen were the winners for the home side.


Cheddleton D 2 2 Holmes Chapel D

Roger J Edwards 0 1 Benjamin Scattergood, Roger W Walker 1 0 George J Scattergood, Keith Brownlee 0 1 Sandra G Blackburn, David A Hallen 1 0 David A Price


The other two matches were both in Division Five.  The F team drew with Fenton D with Colin Abell and Emma Smith adding well-earned draws to Alastair McFadden’s victory.


Cheddleton F 2 2 Fenton D

Colin Abell ½ ½ Robert Taylor, Alastair D McFadden 1 0 Geoffrey G Yates, Emma V Smith ½ ½ Derek Whitehurst, Candice K Griffiths 0 1 Philip Grocott

The E team got the better of the I team in the other match with Jacob Boswell being the only I team’s winner against wins for Karol, David Rose and George Hamilton.


Cheddleton I 1 3 Cheddleton E

Joseph H Jackson 0 1 Karol Grzybowski, Jack Healings 0 1 David M Rose, Jacob C Boswell 1 0 Liam J Dimmick, Daniel Holland 0 1 George E Hamilton


13th February 2011


This was a mixed week for the Cheddleton teams.  The week started well with the two teams in Division Two both winning away on Friday evening to keep up their challenge at the top of the Division.


The B team visited Meir A and, after a few alarms came home with both points.  Simon Edwards, Roger Walker and Keith Brownlee all won with Roger Edwards just failing to echo his victory of the previous Friday


Meir A 1½  3½ Cheddleton B

Steven R Hill 0 1 Simon R Edwards, Clive N Ferry ½ ½ Roger J Edwards, Thomas W Healey 1 0 Vlade V Luzajic, David A Fuller 0 1 Roger W Walker, Michael J Judd 0 1 Keith Brownlee 


The C team went to Macclesfield who are also in contention for the Division’s honours.  Dave Buxton, Carl Gartside and Phil Birks saw the visitors home, but the home side showed their strength in depth by sneaking the bottom two boards.


Macclesfield 2 3 Cheddleton C

David A Risley 0 1 David E Buxton, Vijay Kumar 0 1 Carl Gartside, Marc Jouannet 0 1 Phili N Birks, Richard LW Murphy 1 0 Paul Shelley, Anthony R Brough 1 0 Alex Cartlidge


Tuesday saw a visit by the G team to Fenton D in the Fifth Division.  Jacob Boswell and Skye Wiggins held on to win their games but the whole match was a close call and the visitors were a trifle fortunate to bring home a point.


Fenton D 2 2 Cheddleton G

Geoffrey G Yates 1 0 Matthew P Wyza, Carl K Mustafa 1 0 Jack Healings, Joszef Orsolics 0 1 Jacob C Boswell, John A White 0 1 Skye Wiggins


The X team went to Newcastle on Wednesday in the Fourth Division and came home empty-handed.  Jacob Cartlidge secured a very neat win on the bottom board and Alex Cartlidge took a draw on board Two, but this was not enough to save a point.


Newcastle E 2½ 1½ Cheddleton X

Francis E Westfield 1 0 Philip N Birks, Derrick W Jones ½ ½  Alex J Cartlidge, Hamid Shabani 1 0 Liam J Dimmick, Scott J McGowan 0 1 Jacob D Cartlidge



With no matches at home on Friday evening, the club held an internal ten-minute tournament in which most of the members present took part.

This kind of tournament is when each player has ten minutes on the clock to complete all the moves.  The winner was the top seed, Dave Buxton with four points, with Matthew Wyza, Simon Edwards and Sam Beardmore finishing equal second.  David Hallen finished fifth on his own.  These tournaments are always a success but can only take place occasionally during the League season.


6th February 2011


This was a week of good results for the club.  On Monday, the H team edged past the E team to go to the top of the Fifth Division with a convincing win at Meir C.  Joe Jackson, Jack Healings and Jacob Boswell all settled for draws in complicated double-edged positions and then left Phil Birks to slug it out and gain both points.


Meir C 1½ 2½ Cheddleton H

Raymond F Rhodes 0 1 Philip N Birks, Michael J Judd ½ ½ Joseph H Jackson, David Hackney ½ ½ Jack Healings, Robert Perry ½ ½ Jacob C Boswell

Wednesday saw the Under-130 grade team travel to Holmes Chapel in the Cup Semi Final.  Very even games on the top and bottom boards brought two draws and then Alex Cartlidge broke out of a complex position against one of the area’s top juniors and took the team into the lead with one of the best wins of his career.  This left Keith and Karol in even games needing to get a point between them.  After a long struggle on both boards, Karol settled on a draw and Keith went one better to take the club into its second Cup Final of the season.


Holmes Chapel 1½ 3½ Cheddleton

John Hicks ½ ½ Colin Abell, Sandra G Blackburn 0 1 Keith Brownlee, George J Scattergood ½ ½ Karol Grzybowski, Benjamin Scattergood 0 1 Alex J Cartlidge, Paul G Clifford ½ ½ David A Hallen


This left two matches on Friday.  The A team played another of the rare First Division matches, this time against Alsager, who brought a very strong side.  As expected, most of the games in the match went the full distance.  The only game to finish early was a win by Dave Buxton who was in unstoppable form.  Craig Whitfield slowly broke down his opponent’s defences and managed to force the win after two and a half hours play.  By that time, Simon Edwards, who had seemed in some trouble earlier on turned his game round and forced his opponent into time trouble which eventually led to his downfall.  With the match now safely won, Rob Shaw took charge of his game and ensured that the home team gained a somewhat flattering winning margin.


Cheddleton A 4 1 Alsager A

Robert Shaw 1 0 Simon W Hood, Craig M Whitfield 1 0 John R Booth,

Simon R Edwards 1 0 Kamil Zak, David E Buxton 1 0 Benjamin Zitha, Matthew P Wyza 0 1 Julian FT Kirk-O'Grady

The other match on Friday saw the club charge into its third Cup Final of the season with a convincing win over a visiting Meir side in the Under-150 grade Cup.  Oddly, first blood went to the visitors, but then Vlade evened up the score and, shortly afterwards, Karol put the team in the lead.  Alastair McFadden slowly ground down his opponent to put the result beyond doubt and then Roger Edwards turned round a drawn-looking position to produce a fourth win.


Cheddleton 4 1 Meir

Roger J Edwards 1 0 Clive N Ferry, Vlade V Luzajic 1 0 David A Fuller, Paul Shelley 0 1 Thomas W Healey, Karol Grzybowski 1 0 Anthony D Cooling, Alastair D McFadden 1 0 Robert Perry


30th January 2011


There were two matches in the North Staffs League on Friday.  The club team met Macclesfield in the Eight-board Cup Semi Final.  Although the result suggests an easy win for the hosts, the reality was very different with most of the games being very close and tightly fought.  Simon Edwards broke the deadlock after about an hour and a half with a neat win on board 5.  Rob Shaw and Tony Soames never managed to establish any advantage on either side and settled on a draw soon afterwards.  By the time that Simon Gilmore and Craig Whitfield had added to the score, the eventual result was no longer in doubt.  Dave Buxton and Phil Birks took the score past the winning post of four and a half boards and it was then left to Matthew Wyza and Roger Edwards to mop up the other two boards.  At no time were any of the games easy victories, but, in the end, the result looked impressive if flattering.


Cheddleton 7½ ½ Macclesfield

Robert Shaw ½ ½ Anthony R Soames, Craig M Whitfield 1 0 David A Risley, David E Buxton 1 0 Philip J Cattermole, Simon N Gilmore 1 0 Vijay Kumar, Simon R Edwards 1 0 Marc Jouannet, Matthew P Wyza 1 0 John-Paul J Taylor, Philip N Birks 1 0 Anthony R Brough, Roger J Edwards 1 0 Alan Sime

The day’s other match was yet another internal Fifth Division clash between the G and I teams.  As usual, it was a hard-fought, end-to-end affair with this time the G team edging it.  Sam Beardmore won on his debut whilst Jacob Boswell and Jack Healings also won for G.  Andrei Mihai put his name on the scoresheet for the I team.


Cheddleton G 3 1 Cheddleton I

Jack Healings 1 0 Joseph H Jackson, Jacob C Boswell 1 0 Jacob D Cartlidge, Skye Wiggins 0 1 Andrei J Mihai, Samuel G Beardmore 1 0 Daniel JP Lomax


23rd January 2011


The 2010-2011 National Chess League campaign resumed for Cheddleton last weekend at Hinckley in Leicestershire.

Neither of the two matches looked at all easy but the local side looked to have a chance of picking up points in both matches.  The eventual two losses were therefore a great disappointment.  On the Saturday, the opponents were Wood Green 2.  North London based Wood Green have been one of the strongest clubs in England for many years and their second team still contains many well-known national names.  By 5 o’clock, the match seemed nicely poised, but afterwards, the positions of the local players began to dissolve and only the ever-reliable Jason McKenna finished with a win.  Jon Hawkins, Danny Gormally and David Eggleston were the other players to score – each gaining thoroughly deserved draws.


Wood Green HK 2 5½ 2½ Cheddleton 1

Neil McDonald ½ ½ Jonathan Hawkins, Mohamed Tissir ½ ½ Daniel W Gormally, Lawrence Trent 1 0 Keith C Arkell, Andrew N Greet 1 0 Robert Bellin, Andrew D Martin ½ ½ David J Eggleston, Peter J Sowray 1 0 Paul A Wallace, Bjorn Tiller 1 0 Arlette van Weersel, Sarah N Hegarty 0 1 Jason P McKenna

On Sunday,  Cheddleton’s opponents were Betsson.  Again, the opposition was strong and again had several well-known players in their line-up.  Jason McKenna again managed to get his name on the scoresheet with a draw and Danny Gormally and Jon Hawkins went one better than on the Saturday with resounding victories.  Unfortunately, the rest of the team were not so successful and the team again went down heavily.


Cheddleton 1 2½ 5½

Keith C Arkell 0 1 Richard A Bates, Daniel W Gormally 1 0 Adam C Hunt,

Jonathan Hawkins 1 0 Simon T  Ansell, Robert  Bellin 0 1 Andrew J Ledger, David J  Eggleston 0 1 Lawrence E Webb, Paul A Wallace 0 1 David J Ledger, Arlette Van Weersel 0 1 Stephen C Ledger, Jason P McKenna ½ ½ Maria S Yurenok

Meanwhile, the Northern Division was in action at Crewe and the Cheddleton Second team had to play the Spirit of Atticus on the Saturday.  This is the major Liverpool-based side and are hot favourites to win the division.

The local side gave then a good run for their money but were not quite strong enough on the day to put a dent in the Liverpool championship aspirations.  Malcolm Armstrong was the sole Cheddleton winner with Bill Armstrong and Alex Richardson both drawing.


Spirit of Atticus 4 2 Cheddleton 2

John J Carleton ½ ½ Alex Richardson, Peter JE Ackley 1 0 Gerald Acey, David J Robertson 1 0 Simon R Edwards, David Stuttard 1 0 Craig M Whitfield, Michael F Driscoll 0 1 Malcolm J Armstrong, Andrew J Mort ½ ½ William G Armstrong

It was a different story on Sunday, however, when the opponents were Manchester.  This was a bruising match with the initiative constantly swinging from side to side.  In the end, the local side just managed to hold on for the points.  Craig Whitfield and Simon Edwards both won and Malcolm Armstrong inpressively won his second match of the weekend.

Cheddleton 2 3½ 2½ Manchester Manticores

Robert Shaw 0 1 Marciel T Flores, Simon N Gilmore 0 1 Samuel Correa Hernandez, Alex Richardson ½ ½ Michael J Norris, Craig M Whitfield 1 0 David Pardoe, Malcolm J Armstrong 1 0 Jonathan I Lonsdale, Simon R Edwards 1 0 Michael I Connor



There were three matches in the North Staffs League on Friday.  The B and C teams who are both still in contention for the Second Division Championship played each other, both with depleted sides.  The match was very even from beginning to end and it was impossible to tell who was going to take the points.  Roger Walker put the C team in an early lead and soon afterwards, Liam Dimmick evened up the score.  Vlade and Matt Wyza settled on a draw on board 2 after a game that looked certain to go one way or the other.  This left the other two games grinding on towards the end of the playing time.  Slowly but surely, it became obvious that each team had the advantage in one game and this was how the eventual result ran out with Dave Buxton winning for the C team and Alastair McFadden for the B team.


Cheddleton B 2½ 2½ Cheddleton C

John Y Yee 0 1 David E Buxton, Vlade V Luzajic ½ ½ Matthew P Wyza, Paul Shelley 0 1 Roger W Walker, Alastair D McFadden 1 0 Karol Grzybowski, Liam J Dimmick 1 0 David A Hallen

There were also two Fifth Division matches on Friday.  The F team enteratined Meir C and after a long fought battle came out second best.  Peter Tomczak agreed a draw in a very clogged-up position and Colin Abell finished off his opponent after a very long struggle but this was not quite enough to hold on to a point.


Cheddleton F 1½ 2½ Meir C

Colin Abell 1 0 Stuart Green, Peter P Tomczak ½ ½ Anthony D Cooling, Emma V Smith 0 1 Michael Judd, Candice K Griffiths 0 1 Robert Perry

A very youthful I team took their time and came out victorious against a useful-looking Fenton D side.  Jacob Boswell and Jack Healings had excellent wins over good opponents and Alex Cartlidge and Joe Jackson fought tigerishly to hold on to half points on the top two boards.


Cheddleton I 3 1 Fenton D

Alexander J Cartlidge ½ ½ Stephen J Emmerton, Joseph J Jackson ½ ½ Geoffrey G Yates, Jack Healings 1 0 Peter R Tideswell, Jacob C Boswell 1 0 Philip Grocott

The Club will meet as usual on Friday and anyone who is interested in playing or learning to play or just watching is welcome to come along and have a go at 7.30 p.m. at Westwood College New Hall.  Anyone interested may call the club Chairman on 01782-550112.  The club is anxious to gain more adult members and would be very pleased to see adults who wish to learn to play as well as those who can play a little – not to mention those who are experts, of course!


16 January 2011  


Cheddleton A played a rare match in the First Division of the North Staffs League on Wednesday.  Visiting Stafford, the team came back with a point after drawing on all five boards.  Bill Armstrong and his opponent soon settled into a complicated version of the Marshall Counter Gambit, which then simplified into a clogged up middle game and time for a draw to be agreed.  The other four boards surprisingly went the distance and the advantage swung first one way and then the other but no winning positions could be proved in any game by the end of play.


Stafford A 2½ 2½ Cheddleton A

Lee A Grinsell ½ ½ Robert Shaw, Gerald Acey ½ ½ Craig M Whitfield, Malcolm J Armstrong ½ ½ David E Buxton, Stephane SG Pedder ½ ½ Simon R Edwards, Roger VH Butters ½ ½ William G Armstrong

On Friday there were three matches.  A depleted D team lost their 100% record in Division Three but remained undefeated when Alsager B brought a strong team over but managed to mislay one of them on the way.  Keith Brownlee played a magnificent game and hung on to win on time to draw the match.


Cheddleton D 2 2 Alsager B

Roger W Walker 1 def Gordon C Parker, Keith Brownlee 1 0 Alan E Thomason, David A Hallen 0 1 T Brian Birchall, Peter I Hallen 0 1 Richard G Martin

The E team gained a victory over the F team in Division Five with Karol continuing his recent good run and Danny Graham and George Hamilton both having good wins


Cheddleton F 1 3 Cheddleton E

Colin Abell 0 1 Karol Grzybowski, Paul Shelley 1 0 David M Rose, Emma V Smith 0 1 Danny Graham, Candice K Griffiths 0 1 George E Hamilton

A young Cheddleton team gave the holders a good run for their money in the Perry Trophy match but unfortunately none of them were able to convert good play into victory.


Cheddleton 0 4 Newcastle

Joseph H Jackson 0 1 Richard P Cantliff, Jack Healings 0 1 Steven P Cooper, Jacob C Boswell 0 1 Derrick W Jones, Jacob D Cartlidge 0 1 Hamid Shabani


9 January 2011


The new year started much like the old year ended, with matches being postponed because of the weather.  The club were scheduled to have only two matches this week and fortunately, both were played at Westwood College on Friday night.  The C team, depleted through illness were unable to beat the only team above them at the moment in the Second Division, Newcastle B.

The match was, however, an extremely interesting affair with chances for both players around in all five games.  Heavily outgraded on board 3, the home side were soon a board down but looking quite healthy o all the other four.  Paul Shelley seemed to have a notional win on board 4 but could not find a way to execute it and had to settle for a draw.  A group of players spent several hours trying to find the correct winning line after the game was over but all to no avail!  By this time, the ever-dependable David Hallen had pulled in front and went on to win his game.  This left the top two boards fighting for the points.  Bit by bit, the home players drew ahead, but with both boards looking to be likely victories, the sands of time began to run out and so, rather than risking losing on time, both games were agreed drawn.


Cheddleton C 2½ 2½ Newcastle B

David E Buxton ½ ½ Alan M Paling, William G Armstrong ½ ½ Martyn J Harris, Colin Abell 0 1 Geoffrey S Lee, Paul Shelley ½ ½ Samuel D Onions, David A Hallen 1 0 Prabhath Amarasinghe

The other match was also evenly balanced.  It was an internal affair in Division Five between the E and G teams.  The match was played over five boards with the top four counting towards the match result.  The G team took an early lead with Jacob Boswell capitalising on a mistake by his opponent.   George Hamilton dug in to rescue the score with a win for the E team.  Matthew Wyza had the better of the top board game but eventually had to settle for a draw, which left the second board players to struggle for another hour to decide the destination of the points.  At last, Jack Healings came out on top, but even within the last few moves there was always the chance that the result could have been different.  In the extra game, Daniel Lomax scored a convincing victory.


Cheddleton E 1½ 2½ Cheddleton G

Karol Grzybowski ½ ½ Matthew P Wyza, David M Rose 0 1 Jack Healings, Danny Graham 0 1 Jacob C Boswell, George E Hamilton 1 0 Skye Wiggins, Daniel JP Lomax 1 0 Matthew Edwards



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Club Chairman Robert Milner - 01782 550112.