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17th February 2015

Rare Point for B Team

Jacob Cartlidge and Sam Beardmore both worked exceptionally hard to take the bottom two boards tonight and, added to Alex Cartlidge’s draw, this ensured a valuable point for the B team in their First Division visit to Alsager A.

16th February 2015

So Near and Yet So Far - Heroic Performance Not Quite Enough

The big match of the season so far came and went yesterday at the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport. The match against Guildford couldn't really have started any better for Cheddleton with everyone getting good positions out of the opening and David Eggleston and Vlad even got a bit of an edge from an early stage although David’s game then swung around quite a lot as it progressed. Fiona’s game was very complicated and for a short period in the middle she looked to be in control but then, unfortunately it all fell apart. The win for Guildford was in doubt for over six hours as Cheddleton 1 fought every inch of the way. At that point, David Howell bowed to the inevitable and agreed a draw in the last game to finish. This was the seventh draw of the match and meant that Guildford, the reigning champions, won by the narrowest possible margin - 4½-3½. Amongst the games, there were many memorable performances and it would be difficult to draw attention to them all, but Aleks Colovic’s draw with Gawain Jones at least really should be singled out as something special. An amazing opportunity to defeat Guildford had passed –but we’ll have them next time!

At Buxton, the 2nd team won at a canter against local rivals Holmes Chapel and moved into second place in the Third Division North table. Paul, Malcolm, Gerald and Alex were all successful, with Simon and Ian both drawing.

Unfortunately, the 3rd team came in for another heavy pounding against the same team that gave the Cheddleton 2 a lot of problems yesterday. This time the lone dtaw was a fine effort by Colin Davison.

15th February 2015

Back to the 4NCL

The 4NCL season resumed at a new venue for the First Division at the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport. Cheddleton 1 started the weekend well with a 6 – 2 victory over Barbican 2. With no-one defeated, the stage is set for the big Sunday match with Guildford. Simon, Vlad and Aleks all had comparatively early victories and with the score at 4½ - 1½, Fiona and David Howell were left with extremely difficult endgames to deal with. Both lasted above another two hours before David forced an impressive win with Fiona having to acknowledge that her strong position was not quite enough to win.

At the Palace Hotel at Buxton, Cheddleton 2 continued their recent good run in the Third Division North with a win in a tight match with Spirit of Atticus B. As in the 1st team match, there were four draws but wins by Paul and Gerald clinched the match.

The 3rd team were also playing at the Palace Hotel in Division Three North and put up another brave display this time against against Jorvik – the Viking conscious team from York. After a series of long but unsuccessful games, Jack emerged as the hero of the hour, being the only Cheddleton scorer and amazingly remaining undefeated so far for the season.

14th February 2015

K keep the Flag Flying

There were three very entertaining matches for the club’s teams on Friday evening. It is often the case that games – and matches – swing first one way and then the other, but it is rarely as extreme as it was on Friday. There were two matches at home and one – unusually – at Newcastle.

Cheddleton G 1½ Fenton A 2½

At home in the Third Division the games were very volatile but eventually settled down to give championship-chasing Fenton A the points but not before they knew that they had been in a battle. A draw on the top board by Jacob Boswell and a fine win on board four for David Shiers were all that the G team had to show for the evening.

Cheddleton K 3 Fenton C 1

The K team kept their championship hopes very much alive in Division Five with a win over Fenton C. The 3 – 1 victory hardly did justice to the match which could easily have gone the other way by an even bigger margin had Lady Luck been smiling on the visitors. As it was, excellently fought wins for Colin and Oliver who both fought like tigers to rescue apparently lost positions added to a solid draw from David Rose but perhaps the greatest accolade should go to Lewis Woolliscroft who celebrated his birthday with a two and a half hour struggle where both players had wins in their sights at various times but eventually settled for a well-deserved draw.

Newcastle F 2½ Cheddleton J 1½

Meanwhile, at Newcastle Bridge Club the J team went down fighting with Caroline winning handsomely on board 3 and Ron Harrison taking an evenly-balanced draw on board two. Unfortunately, that was all the team had to show for an evening’s endeavours.

11th February 2015

Onward and Upward for H

There was a good win for the H team at Newcastle E tonight. Impressive victories by Karol, Dave and Joe brought home the points that gave the H team a boost in the Fourth Division table but perhaps the best game was the stubborn fight by Andrei which lasted over two and a half hours before he finally conceded defeat to Brian Wagstaff

10th February 2015

David Howell shines at Gibraltar

The thirteenth Tradewise Gibraltar Masters Tournament which finished last Thursday at the Caleta Hotel.

Gibraltar is one of the world’s top annual tournaments each year and this year the club’s top player, David Howell, excelled himself by finishing second to top U.S. player Hikaru Nakamura. David’s last game against women’s world champion, Hou Yifan of China, was particularly exciting with the initiative swinging first one way and then the other. In the end, Hou, when apparently winning made a strange move that let David back in to gain a draw and second place.

Cheddleton club was also represented by Simon Williams who gave the on-site commentary.

For more details of the tournament try these links:-

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David Howell in action for Cheddleton against Cambridge University

7th February 2015

There were three matches yesterday evening. Two of these were the ones snowed off last Friday. The A team took on the B team in a First Division match and not unsurprisingly emerged as comfortable winners. As expected, however, the B team fought every inch of the way and Jack Healings on the bottom board made it all worthwhile by taking a draw off club president, Roger Edwards.

The other delayed match was also an internal affair in the Fourth Division between the H team and the I team. Contrary to expectation, the H team were victorious by 2½ to 1½. Andrei Mihai and Joe Alcock both had good wins for the H team on the top two boards with Frank Bruce replying for I. Ali Arshad and Jack Snape fought out an honourable draw on the bottom board.

Although the third match was a Cup Semi Final, there was not quite so much needle around as is customary in internal matches. Here, the Major (under 150) team entertained Alsager and – at long last – won a cup match. This is the first one this season. Alsager sent a good strong side but valiant efforts by the hosts saw them narrowly win their way through to the next round. All games were remarkably tight and could have gone either way. Matthew Wyza and Dave Millington were successful for the home side with John Yee and Phil Birks settling for draws.

6th February 2015

Today saw the final farewell to June Wrathall who was an honorary Vice-President of the club. She was a shining example to all of what a school-teacher should be and had first come to Leek in 1954 to teach classics at Westwood Hall Girls’ High School as it was then. She remained there whilst the school metamorphosed into Westwood Comprehensive School in 1965 and later became the Head Teacher at St. Edward’s Middle School (now St. Edward’s Academy) when it opened in 1981. For many years she showed a keen interest in the teaching of chess in schools and encouraged it whenever and wherever she could. She was a long-time advocate of chess being on the curriculum in schools. She was made an honorary Vice-President of the club in 1984. From 1987 until 1994 she rarely missed a Friday night club meeting and after that always kept an eye on the progress of the club and its members – especially the junior ones, many of whose names she knew even though she had never taught them. She had many other interests and all organisations with which she was connected will all find her totally irreplaceable. A celebration of her life was held at St. Edward’s Church in Leek today. She will be sorely missed by everyone.


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