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4th March 2016

Mixed Fortunes on a Cold Night

There were three matches played tonight in somewhat icy surroundings. The C team, allegedly challenging for top spot in Division Two, looked anything but that as they slumped to defeat at the hands of a determined-loking Holmes Chapel B team. Simon, Bill and Roger Walker saved some face by holding on to draws but the final result never looked to be in much doubt.

The members of the E team, on the other hand, seemed to be completely at their ease as they seemed to be have decided it was the week for a good performance in their topsy-turvy world. Phil was particularly impressive as the team demolished a useful Newcastle D side and was joined in victory by Jacob and Sam.

In Division Five, the G team showed what they are capable of by defeating the soon-to-be Divisional champions, Fenton D. In one of the club’s best team performances of the season, Andrei and Joe both won and Dave Rose and Ali both drew with much higher graded opponents.

2nd March 2016

Impressive Win for the B Team

Tonight saw the B team show what they were really made of with a fine victory at Newcastle B. Sam, Sandra and Dominic were all winners NSDCA Division Two. Dave Buxton and Jacob Boswell both drew to make sure the whole team returned home undefeated. In the crazy world of the League as it exists, this win propels the B team from struggling near the bottom of the table to close to the top.

29th February 2016

A Welcome Win in the Withnall Cup

Tonight saw the club under-120 team play at Fenton in the Semi Final of the Staffordshir Withnall Cup. A tough match brought a not altogether predicted victory as the team shot into the final with wins by Jacob Smith and Dominic and the result was completed by draws from Sandra, Caroline and Andrei.

26th February 2016

Fifth Division Takes Centre Stage

There were two Fifth Division matches at the club tonight with the G and H teams both involved. This fact brought into focus the fact that both teams are competing with each other in a vain attempt to finish as runners-up to Fenton D in the final table.

The G team entertained Newcastle F and gave a good account of themselves before falling to the narrowest of margins. Joe Alcock won his game after a very hard and even tussle whilst Andrei just fell short on the last lap and had to settle for a draw.

The H team went one better and drew their match against Crewe D. Two good wins by Dominic Taylor and Jacob Smith were not quite enough to grab both points in a long and good-natured affray..

25th February 2016

A Good Week for Rob Shaw

There was a First Division match tonight over in Cheshire with the A team visiting Holmes Chapel A. Yes, the First Division. You remember the First Division and its matches and their association with hen’s teeth don’t you?

Currently, Holmes Chapel are holding on to poll position in the League but they and their visitors were rather below full strength on this occasion.

After an end-to-end battle all evening, the two teams were happy to settle for a drawn match leaving Holmes Chapel as favourites to lift the trophy once more.

Rob Shaw completed a good couple of days with another victory on the top board and Bill Armstrong joined him in the winners’ enclosure. Simon Edwards felt he had the better of his game on board two but it was not quite enough to squeeze a win out of it.

24th February 2016

The Hickman Cup Final Beckons

The club engaged in the first of the season’s Staffordshire County Cup matches tonight.

This was the Hickman Cup Semi Final against Walsall Kipping which both clubs had agreed to play at Stafford.

The match was almost as tight as it could get with four games being agreed as draws – those of Simon Edwards, Bill Armstrong, Jacob Boswell and John Yee. This left the decision on the match result to be decided by the two games that reached a decisive conclusion. Cheddleton won on board one and lost on board five which gave the local side the victory on board count. The match winner – not for the first time in his career – was Rob Shaw.

23rd February 2016

E Team at Alsager

The E team played at Alsager A tonight in a Third Division fixture. The E team are still finding it difficult to win a match and tonight was no exception but, in a match of all black wins, they did at least grab a point to bring home. Phil Birks and Dominic Taylor were the club’s two winners.

19th February 2016

Welcome Back, Colin

The I team travelled tonight to Newcastle on that most unusual of days for an away match – Friday.

With a variety of other attractions in the town, the club could hardly afford to lose a whole team of players and the club room was very sparsely populated with less than twenty people playing tonight – one of the lowest turnouts for years.

The most memorable part of the match was the pleasure felt by all at the return of Colin Abell after a long lay-off with a knee injury.

Welcome back, Colin!!

The visitors narrowly lost the Fifth Division match with Sandra, Colin and Joe all managing to draw.


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