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22nd March 2015

Cheddleton 2 Regain their Footing

Today fortunes were reversed from yesterday. Cheddleton 2 were up against Rhyfelwyr Essyllwg 2 – the Gwent Warriors - and the local side finished with a very good win with the whole team remaining undefeated. Paul Wallace gained his second win of the weekend and was joined by Malcom Armstrong and Simon Edwards. Gerald Acey, Alex Richardson and Colin Davison all drew.

The third team were slightly unlucky not to make it two wins in two days but fell away towards the end of their match against Midland Monarchs 2 and finished up losing 2½ to 3½. Ian Jamieson was the only winner with Bill, Chris and John Yee all drawing.

21st March 2015

First Points for Cheddleton 3

The second and third teams were in action today in the 4NCL Third Division at Daventry Court Hotel. The Northern and Southern sections of the Third Division have now been brought together for the last five matches and so both teas were up against opposition from the south.

Cheddleton 2 who were flying reasonably high in the Northern League, played the Fermented Sharks and narrowly lost a tough match by 2½ boards to 3½. Paul Wallace on the top board was the only winner with Malcolm Armstrong, Alex Richardson and Simon Edwards all gaining draws.

The highlight, however, was that Cheddleton 3 who had been in bottom place in the Northern League had a total change of direction with a convincing victory by 5½ to ½ over Barnet Knights 3. Colin Davison, Geoff Laurence, Chris Sizeland, Bill Armstrong and Jacob Boswell were all winners with Roger Edwards drawing on board 5.

20th March 2015

A Better Friday Night

There were three matches tonight in the North Staffs League at Westwood College. The D team played host to Crewe Rooks. The Rooks looked to be a useful side, belying their place at the foot of the Second Division table. They did, however, helpfully provide their opponents with a board start by only bringing four players.

All four boards were too close to call for much of the match. The first to finish was Alex Cartlidge who agreed a draw with Karl Lockett when it was decided that the game wasn’t going anywhere. His brother Jacob’s game was very double-edged with both players waiting to pounce on a mistake by their opponent. Again, the safest outcome was to agree a draw. About this time, both Simon Edwards and Greg Willott began to gain a slight advantage – one for each side in the remaining two games. Those advantages both expanded into victories leaving the home side as winners and extending their lead at the top of the division.

The H team who had an outside chance of the Fourth Division title appeared to throw that chance aside by capturing a single draw against Newcastle E. This was grabbed by the ever-dependable Karol Grzybowski.

In the same division there was a very different result from the I team who demolished the high-flying Crewe Pawns. The team discovered that they were short of a top board at the start of play but, in the immortal words of the great Cliff Gladwin, “cometh the hour, cometh the man” and Jacob Boswell was drafted in and duly contributed to an extremely competent performance by the team. Wins by Jacob and Laura Smith – both winning king and queen endings after promoting a pawn put the match safe and allowed Roger Walker to settle for a draw on the remaining board.

18th March 2015

Steady Win at Newcastle

In the First Division of the North Staffs League, the A team went to Newcastle A tonight on the back of a loss against Stafford A last week. On paper it was a reasonably even match although the bottom board was outgraded by twenty points. It was John Yee, in fact, on board 5 who was the first to finish with a draw against Martyn Harris with neither player wishing to risk too much for a decisive edge although probably both players would argue this point. Simon Edwards on board 2 was next to finish with a nice win against Reinhold Heinlein after sacrificing a pawn in the opening for good piece play although it was time trouble that led to the final mistake. Dave then secured at least a point with a very strong king side attack that eventually was too much for Alex Richardson. That left Bill with a slightly better position against Barry Jones and Simon Gilmore with a small space advantage over Alan Paling. Bill eventually secured the full point to claim victory in the match at which point Simon and Alan agreed a draw in a position in which the only way one of them was going to win was if the other blundered.

13th March 2015

Good but not Good Enough

Two excellent matches tonight went unrewarded on the points front. Both the A team and the B team were in action in the First Division and both teams were seriously outgraded on every board. The results in each match turned out to be identical as 3½-1½ losses but every game proved to be a good even battle. The only home winner and the hero of the night was Sam Beardmore, the B team captain against Newcastle A. Dmitri Whitmore had a particularly impressive draw on board two for the B team and Rob Shaw, Dave Buxton and particularly Roger Edwards all impressed for the A team with draws against reigning champions Stafford A.

10th March 2015

F Team Just About Stay in the Hunt

The F team continued their quest for points tonight at Alsager B but only succeeded in bringing one home. Jon Blackburn had a successful night on board two with a worthy win whilst Sandra Blackburn and Roger Edwards both drew to gain a drawn match. As a result, the F team are still in with an outside chance of the Third Division title but it now looks a rather forlorn hope.

6th March 2015

Entertaining Match in Division Five

There was little sign at the beginning of the Fifth Division match tonight where the J team hosted Newcastle F that it would reach such a gripping conclusion two and a half hours later.

The match began strangely with Roger Walker’s opponent making a major blunder at a very early stage of the proceedings which precipitated a resignation. Within an hour, things were looking good when Emma added to the score.

At that point there was a complete change in the atmosphere as the two Newcastle players gritted their teeth and showed amazing determination to rescue something from the match. Both games swung first one way and then the other and nothing was certain until the last minute when, in a flurry of clock bashing, Sam came out with an invaluable draw to make sure of both points. All four players concerned need to be congratulated on providing such an entertaining hour’s exhibition

4th March 2015

Twilight of the Gods at Stafford?

The somewhat remote chance of the F team retaining the Third Division championship receded a little further tonight after a severe drubbing at the hands of a strong and on-form Stafford B team. Stafford took the initiative from the very beginning and only a fiercely-fought draw from Sandra Blackburn saved the visitors from a complete whitewash.


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