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7th April 2015

Busy Night in Division Three

There were two away matches both in Division Three tonight. The born-again G team galloped off to Alsager B tonight and came back having pocketed two more points in their fight to get off the bottom of the Division. Jacob and Phil did all that was required of them on the top two boards and Dominic picked up the all-important draw on the bottom board to clinch the victory.

Meanwhile, the F team went to Kidsgrove hoping for a bit of respite from the grim series of results they have recently had but returned with no change. Jon and Sandra each shared the spoils but nothing else was forthcoming as another defeat unrolled in front of them.

6th April 2015

Disappointment for K

The K team travelled to Meir D this evening with a chance of tying up the Fifth Dvision Championship. Less than three hours later they returned home licking their wounds and further away than ever from collecting silverware at the end of the season. All will now depend on how other results go apart from their own. Dave Rose was the only winner with David Hallen also managing a consolation draw.

1st April 2015

Gus Brain

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It is with great regret that we have to announce the death on Sunday 29th March of Gus Brain. Gus arrived in Leek in 1997. He was the husband of and press officer for the new Member of Parliament for the Staffordshire Moorlands, Charlotte Atkins. As a long-time chess devotee and someone who believed that chess should be taught in all schools as well as being formally accepted once more as a sport, he soon found his way to Cheddleton and Leek Chess Club. He and his daughter Emma both played for the club for many years and Gus was a team captain from 1999 to 2010. This was in addition to his being the press and publicity officer for the club from 1997 to 2010.

He was instrumental in restarting the Leek Chess Congress which had had an early start in 1983 but then lapsed. Gus saw to it that there was a grand re-opening in 2000 to mark the new millennium and the Congress has flourished ever since. He was also one of the main enthusiasts for entering the club in the Four Nations Chess League and he saw this plan come to fruition in 2004. Again, the club is still happily in membership of that League.

I got to know Gus very well over the years. He was full of boundless enthusiasm, he appeared to know something about everything, he was about as interesting a person to talk to as one could ever wish to find and he was a staunch, loyal and reliable friend. In every sense of the word he was a big man.

Our condolences go out to his widow, Councillor Charlotte Atkins and to his daughter, Emma.

Robert Milner

29th March 2015

A More Convincing Display by Cheddleton

With the first seven matches now completed in the qualifying phase of the First Division of the 4NCL, today Cheddleton stepped out into the first match in the Championship phase. Cheddleton have comfortably qualified for this section for the fifth successive year and started full of hope of finishing higher than the final fourth place that they have achieved in each of the first four years.

The match today was against the Blackthorne Russia team and Cheddleton galloped into a 5 nil lead. Vlad Hamitovici was the first to finish and was closely followed by Jon Hawkins with his second win of the weekend and they were then joined by David Howell, David Eggleston and Fiona Steil-Antoni. After that, events slowed down somewhat and Cheddleton finally ran out winners by 6 – 2 with Keith Arkell and Simon Williams settling for draws. This victory puts Cheddleton 1 in second place in the League.

28th March 2015

Close Shave for Cheddleton in 4NCL

Cheddleton first team renewed hostilities in First Division of the 4NCL today at the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport. They played against Hackney 1 in the last of the matches in the first phase of Division One.

The match proved to be much closer than might have been expected and two wins – by David Howell and Jon Hawkins – with three draws brought a score of 3½ each with an hour to go and young debutant Ezra Kirk still playing. After playing most of the next hour under intense pressure with a game in which there was hardly any appreciable advantage to either player, Ezra proved to be the hero of the hour by forcing a win.

27th March 2015

K Team Prosper

There were three matches at home tonight at Westwood College.

The F team must have bidden farewell to hopes of another Third Division Championship with a sad defeat at the hands of the team who are now one of the main pretenders to their throne, Fenton B. Sandra played immaculately to gain the home side’s only win and David Hallen agreed a comfortable draw with a familiar opponent in Stuart Hull.

The G team and B team were both playing opponents from the Meir. G, languishing at the foot of the Third Division table entertained top of the division, Meir A and gave them a very serious setback – mush to the delight of other visitors, Fenton B across the room who were very grateful to the G team for their efforts. Jacob Boswell and Dominic both won handsomely whilst Phil and Sam both added half a point each to the final score.

Also in action were the K team who have eyes on the Fifth Division trophy. Their opponents were Meir C who began the proceedings a player short. With a board start, Jacob Smith, and then Colin Abell and finally David Rose got the bit between their teeth and each showed what they are capable of when the need arises. All in all, the team looked very impressive on the night.

26th March 2015

Hard Times for Cheddleton B

The young B team travelled to Holmes Chapel tonight and put up yet another serious performance before returning home empty-handed. The whole team continue to fight every inch of the way and are gaining immense experience from this season but it is still very tough going against most of the teams they are coming up against. Alex and Sam both earned excellent draws but there was little else to smile about.

24th March 2015


In something of an anti-climax, the A team who look forward with eager anticipation to the rare North Staffs League Division One fixtures were told that Alsager A were conceding tonight’s match.


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