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24th April 2015

Second Division Championship Sealed

There was a distinct end of season feel at the club tonight with four matches to play and not too much to prove. The D team tied up the Second Division Title with an amiable draw against Newcastle B which was brightened by two fine wins by Simon Edwards and Jacob Cartlidge and completed by a draw by Alex Cartlidge. The C team look to be handily placed to be runners-up in the same division but perhaps need a little more aggression than was shown tonight in the loss to Holmes Chapel B. A good victory by Sam Beardmore was bolstered up by two draws from Roger Edwards and Dave Millington and somewhat offset by a board being deducyed for playing an ineligible player!

Wins by John Yee and Sandra Blackburn together with a draw by Roger Walker brought the taste of victory back to the F team as they defeated a strong Crewe Bishops team whilst the H team went astray against Alsager C with only Karol and Andrei salvaging anything from the wreckage.

23rd April 2015

Colin Crouch

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Sadly, we report the death at Harrow of Colin Crouch. Colin won two British Junior Championships in the1970s and became one of the best-known and most popular players on the circuit. He had many major successes in a distinguished career and was awarded the title of International Master in 1991. He is best remembered in our club as the winner of the inaugural Leek Chess Congress in 2000.
Colin had a serious stroke eleven years ago which left him partially sighted and he has since represented the Braille Chess Association on many occasions. We offer our condolences to his family.

22nd April 2015

Mixed Success at Newcastle

The apparently invincible G team travelled to Newcastle C tonight and happily mopped up all their opponents. These were four outstanding performances from Jacob Boswell, Sam, Jack and Dominic. The G team’s early form remains an unsolved mystery. The G team were accompanied to Newcastle by the K team who needed to beat Newcastle F to stay in contention for the Fifth Division title. Sadly, a win by Dave Rose and a draw by Sandra Blackburn were all they had to show for the evening’s work as they waved goodbye to their title hopes.

21st April 2015

Outplayed at Alsager

There was a sighting of that rare bird – a Staffordshire Chess Association match – at Alsager tonight. The club sent a team to play in the Semi Final of the tournament but they came back empty-handed. Sam Beardmore and Sandra Blackburn both earned a draw and that was all that there was to show for the journey.

17th April 2015

A Hint of Ichabod but Look More Closely

At first sight, tonight’s results were rather a depressing set but closer examination shows a lot of positive signs in the club.

The A team lost to a rampant Holmes Chapel A side who clinched the Championship in the process. The A team were seriously outgraded on most boards but gave a good account of themselves nevertheless. Rob Shaw and Dave Buxton gained good draws on the top two boards but the whole team were always in the match. The B team – the oldest player being seventeen years old – gave a strong Stafford A team a good run for their money as well. Dmitri excelled himself with a great draw on the top board and Sam Beardmore also earned a draw. The other three were not so fortunate but all played magnificently.

Also, a make-shift F team garnered a draw from title-chasing Meir A with Jon and Colin gaining very good draws whilst Caroline had a notable victory on the bottom board.

15th April 2015

One Up and One Down Tonight

After last week’s disappointing result at Meir, the K team’s woes were added to tonight with a 3 – 1 hammering at Fenton D. Only captain Colin Abell brought anything back with him with a good win on the second board.

At Crewe, the G team kept their good run going with a victory over the Bishops. Sam Beardmore and Dominic Taylor both won with Phil Birks completing the win with a very positive draw on board two.

13th April 2015

I Team Draw at Meir

Tonight’s match at Meir B provided another good result for the I team. Jacob Boswell continued his recent good run with a win on the top board whilst the other two Jacobs – Cartlidge and Smith – both drew,

11th April 2015

A Good End to the Week

There were four matches at Westwood yesterday evening and pride of place must go to the club’s two Second Division teams. The C team were in third place behind Macclesfield at the beginning of the evening. Wins by Roger Edwards and Sam Beardmore and draws by Dominic Taylor and Dave Buxton clinched a win over Macclesfield and a leap into second place for the team.

Across the room, the D team were consolidating their place at the top of the Division with a convincing win over Holmes Chapel B. Jacob Cartlidge and David Shiers won on the bottom two boards leaving Simon, Alex and Phil to settle for draws and team victory. The Division title is now between the C and D teams as no other team but C is now able to catch the D team.

There were also two Fourth Division matches with both H and I in action. The H team entertained second-placed Fenton B and did well to hold them to a draw. Caroline Mountford and Andrei Mihai both won on the bottom two boards.

Meanwhile, the I team escaped from the bottom of the table with a convincing win over Crewe Pawns. Dave Millington and Laura Smith set the pace with two wins, leaving Jacob Boswell and Jacob Smith to draw and make sure of the points.


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