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7th May 2015

The C Team Assured of Runners-up Spot in Division Two

The C team travelled to Holmes Chapel B tonight with a somewhat unusual-looking team owing to much unavailability. They were welcomed by an equally unusual home team who were rather depleted by another fixture calling upon players and illness that caused the late withdrawal of one player. The result was a comfortable win for the visitors which gained them second place in the Second Division. Bill Armstrong, Matthew Carr and Dave Welch all won and Jon Blackburn politely accepted a win by default on the bottom board.

6th May 2015

The B Team Continues Its Perilous Journey

The B team travelled to Newcastle A in the pen-ultimate First Division match of their season. The result was the expected trouncing but again, all gave a good account of themselves and showed that their decision to have a season playing against the League’s strongest players was both wise and useful. The experience, whilst being painful, has undoubtedly proved invaluable to all the players. This time the one who starred was Jacob Cartlidge who took a draw off Alan Palin on board three.

4th May 2015

All Three Teams Undefeated! A Good End to the 4NCL Season

Cheddleton 1 had a hard draw with old rival White Rose 1 at Hinckley today. David Howell and Ezra were the two winners whilst Jonathan Hawkins, Simon Williams, Vladimir Hamitevici and Fiona all drew to make the scores even at the end of the match and ensure Cheddleton 1 finished in third place in Division One after four successive fourth places.

All was sweetness and light at Daventry as both the second and third teams won. A comfortable win by the seconds over 3 was unfortunately not quite enough to force them into the Third Division promotion places as they finished fifth. Paul Wallace, Simon Edwards and Martyn Harris were all winners with Gerald, Alex and Ian all drawing and no-one defeated. Bill Armstrong, Steve Emmerton and Jacob Cartlidge were all winners to leave Sam Beardmore’s draw to clinch a worthy victory.

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Team over the May weekend, left to right:- David Howell, Jonathan, Fiona, David Eggleston, Simon, Ezra, Vladimir and Ingvar

3rd May 2015

Cheddleton 1 Back on Track

Cheddleton first team were back on track today with a convincing win over Barbican 1. Davids Howell and Eggleston both won as did Vladimir and Ezra. Backed up by draws from Fiona, Simon and Jonathan this gave Cheddleton 1 a healthy 5½ - 2½ victory and put the woes of yesterday firmly behind them.

Things did not run so smoothly at Daventry, however, and the second team narrowly failed to take anything off promotion rivals Celtic Tigers 1. Only Alex Richardson won and the three draws were not quite enough to grab a point.

There were three debutants in the Cheddleton 3 team - the youthful Oliver Snape, Jack Snape and Joe Alcock. All three took to the new level of play that they were exposed to like ducks to water and showed that we shall see plenty more of them in the future. However, the team’s opponents, The Pitstop had a hungry look in their eyes from the moment they sat down and, try as they might, the third team were unable to salvage much at all from the fray. In the end, Bill Armstrong’s draw was all they had to show for the day’s exertions.

2nd May 2015

One of Each for Cheddleton in the 4NCL

Resuming their 4NCL campaigns today, the three Cheddleton teams met with mixed fortunes. The first team in Division One at Hinckley came up against Guildford’s second team and were outgraded on six of the eight boards. As was to be expected, this resulted in a heavy defeat but there were some useful pickings for Cheddleton to show that they had put up a tremendous fight during the day. Icelandic debutant Ingvar Johannesson took pride of place with a good win on board seven whilst David Howell, Jonathan Hawkins and Simo Williams all came out with draws.

Meanwhile, the second and third teams were both in action in the Third Division at Daventry. The second team kept in contention for a promotion place by defeating Warwickshire Select second team. Paul Wallace, Alex Richardson and Martyn Harris all won and Gerald Acey’s draw on board two clinched the win.

A win by Bill Armstrong and four draws against a useful-looking 5 team ensured the third team of a point from a drawn match.

1st May 2015

J Team End with an Effortless Success.

With the season almost at an end and nothing much hanging on the result, a chapter of accidents meant that the match tonight was conceded by the J team’s opponents.

29th April 2015

Cheddleton Win North Staffs Major Cup

The Major Cup drew to its conclusion tonight with an excellent match that befitted its name. Particularly good wins by Jacob Boswell and Jon Blackburn helped to bring the trophy home and draws by CarlGartside on the top board and John Yee clinched the deal.

27th April 2015

J Team’s Hopes Evaporate

A strange turn of events in the fifth division meant that the J team needed to win their remaining two matches this week to share the league title with Meir D. However, the J team honourably stuck to their usual side and went down fighting against Meir D tonight. Caroline had a resounding victory and Roger Walker settled for a draw on the top board but this was not enough to gain any points.


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