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8th June 2015

Bill Armstrong still British Visually Impaired Chess Champion

Bill first won the Visually Impaired British Championship in 1983. He then waited a further thirty years to repeat this performance which he did in 2013.

Having waited so long, like a London bus, two victories came along in succession when he retained the title with a score of six out of seven at the recent 2015 tournament in Morecambe.

He dropped only a half point in the first six rounds so that the final round was a formality because he led by a clear point and was certain to win any tie break. He secured the title with a draw in the last round and, at 74, he certainly hopes he will be able to have enough energy for the next contest in two years’ time – not to mention the next one after that.

5th June 2015


Last night, there was an Extraordinary General Meeting of the NSDCA with the express purpose of deciding on a new Constitution and set of Playing Rules for the Association. Needless to say, these were substantially based upon the Constitution and Rules of 2004 which, in turn were based upon those agreed in July 1979. However, twenty seven amendments had been added in parentheses since 2004 and it was considered high time that the whole lot was rewritten.

The committee has met during the season and decided on new wording and this was the document that was tweaked here and there last night before finally being agreed upon ready for ratification at the Annual General Meeting at Fenton on Monday 13th July.

4th June 2015

The Staffordshire Mega Finals

The annual Staffordshire Mega Final of the UK Chess Challenge, sponsored by Delancey Investment Company was held last week at St. Edward’s Academy. The UK Chess Challenge is open to all schools in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. Each school organises its own competitions and the players with the best results go forward to a Mega Final. Each County has one of these. Each year tens of thousands of junior players aged from five years to eighteen years take part in the country-wide event and St. Edward’s were hosting the Staffordshire event for the thirteenth successive year.

When the Mega Finals are completed, the most successful players are brought together in July for area finals – called Giga Finals, and the qualifiers from these go to a Terra Final held in August to produce the National Champions.

Alt text
The beginning of play on Saturday morning at St. Edward’s Academy

In the Mega Finals, there are twenty four separate championships to play in, ranging from boys’ and girls’ under sevens to boys’ and girls’ under eighteens. Members of the Cheddleton and Leek Chess Club won eleven of these.

Alt text
Some of the trophy winners from the club

Under 18 Boys
1 Cartlidge Alexander J U18 B St. Joseph's College 5/7
2 Malik Adam U18 B King Edward's, Edgbaston 4/7
Under 18 Girls
1 Smith Laura X U18 G Westwood College 2.5
Under 17 Boys
1 Beardmore Samuel G U17 B St. Joseph's College 5/7
2 Taylor Dominic MW U17 B Moorlands College 4/7
Under 16 Boys
1 Healings Jack U16 B Newcastle School 4.5
Under 16 Girls
1 White Bethany U16 G Blythe Bridge High 2.5
Under 15 Boys
1 Mihai Andrei I U15 B Westwood College 4
Under 15 Girls
1 O'Leary Anna U15 G St. John Fisher College 3
Under 14 Boys
1 Smith Jacob Z U14 B Westwood College 4
Under 14 Girls
1 Wiggins Skye E U14 G St. John Fisher College 2
Under 13 Boys
1 Boswell Jacob C U13 B St. Joseph's College 6
2= Snape Oliver U13 B St. Edward's Academy 4.5
2= Preston Jacob U13 B Clayton Hall College 4.5
4= Alcock Joseph P U13 B St. Edward's Academy 4
4= Woolliscroft Lewis M U13 B St. Edward's Academy 4
4= Malik Haroon U13 B King Edward's School 4
4= Sanzeri William G U13 B St. Edward's Academy 4
Under 13 Girls
1 Woolliscroft Bethany K U13 G St. Edward's Academy 5/7
2 Jones Siân C U13 G St. Edward's Academy 4/7
Under 12 Boys
1 Fenn Andrew U12 B Wolverhampton Grammar 6/7
2 Patel Devan U12 B King Edward's, Edgbaston 5/7
3= Wood James PA U12 B St. Edward's Academy 4
3= Kotamarthi Anish U12 B Newcastle School 4
Under 12 Girls
1 Pointon Marnie SP U12 G St. Edward's Academy 3
Under 11 Boys
1 Brown Joshua T U11 B St. Edward's Academy 6
2= Aggarwal Devesh U11 B Wolverhampton Grammar 4
2= Sriram Sanjay U11 B Newcastle School 4
Under 11 Girls
1 Draper Francesca U11 G Mayfield Prep School 5/7
2 Sheldon Victoria AE U11 G St. Edward's Academy 4/7
Under 10 Boys
1 Gilman-Hawkes Ethan U10 B Burbage 6
2 Rehman Cameron U10 B Wilkinson Primary 5
3 Cooper Robert J U10 B St. Edward's Academy 4
Under 10 Girls
1 Johal Amrissa K U10 G Mayfield Prep School 4.5
2 Rose Isabelle M U10 G St. Edward's Academy 4
Under 9 Boys
1 Patel Krishan U 9 B Blackwood Primary 6
2 Prikazchikov Ivan U 9 B Keele St. John's 5
3= Clare Ranveer U 9 B Mayfield Prep School 4
3= Collier Kyan U 9 B Seabridge Primary 4
Under 9 Girls
1 Clare Avneet U 9 G Mayfield Prep School 4.5/8
Under 8 Boys
1 Singh Aaryan U 8 B Stafford Grammar School 6
2= O'Donnell Jake U 8 B Burbage 4
2= Woodward Oliver U 8 B Burbage 4
Under 8 Girls
1 Mall Anais U 8 G Mayfield Prep School 3
Under 7 Boys
1 Rehman Dylan U 7 B Wilkinson Primary 5
2 Sriram Niranjan U 7 B Newcastle School 4
Under 7 Girls
1 Dinoo Alexandra U 7 G St. Philip's Primary 1

22nd May 2015

The Gothard Cup Captured

Tonight’s match was the final of the Staffordshire County Gothard Cup and proved to be an excellent finale to the season. All the games were hard-fought as was to be expected in a cup final, but, by about nine o’clock, the home team was beginning to take charge. First John Yee and then Jon Blackburn converted this advantage to victory and then, Jacob Boswell proved himself to be back at his best and settled the match. Things quietened down somewhat after this and Bill Armstrong added a half point to the total at the call of time.

20th May 2015

The A Team’s Season Finishes with a Whimper

The last match of the season was played by the A team tonight at Stafford. Considerably outgraded on every board, the A team did not expect to be greatly rewarded for their efforts. However, Simon Edwards was somewhat unfortunate to come out of the match with only a draw as he had much the better of his game on the top board. The other four players put up some good resistance but were ever going to bring home much booty.

15th May 2015

The G Team go Merrily on to the Very End

With only one week of the season remaining after today, two matches were played tonight at Westwood. Yet another unfamiliar looking C team carefully garnered a final point by holding a strong Newcastle B team to that oddest of all results – a match of five draws. All games were hard-fought and all were well-deserved by all ten players so congratulations all round!

Across the room, the G team finished on a winning note with yet another win – this time against the Crewe Bishops. The two Jacobs and Captain Sam all won whilst Dominic had to work every inch of the way on the bottom board to make his own contribution to the proceedings.

13th May 2015

G Team Win Again

After an appalling start to the season, the G team continued with their new lease of life tonight with their seventh successive win this time at Stafford B. The composition of the team has stayed pretty constant throughout the season but tonight the changes were rung as exam preparation took its toll. The rather different team played as imaginatively and well as the familiar one and they came home with two more points. Bill Armstrong, Jacob Boswell and Caroline Mountford all won and Dominic Taylor completed the evening with a draw on the bottom board.

8th May 2015

F and I – and B – End on a Winning Note

There should have been three matches tonight but Alsager A had difficulty raising a team in the First Division and so presented the B team with a winning finish to the season. Both the F and I teams also finished well and moved up the table with useful victories.

The F team beat Kidsgrove in the Third Division. Jon and Sandra Blackburn and David Hallen all did the business and were backed up by an excellent draw from John Yee on the top board. The Fourth Division match between the I team and Newcastle E finished with the same score. Dave Millington and Jacob and Laura Smith were the three winners here with Jacob Boswell drawing on the top board.


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