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18th March 2016

A Win at Last

After a winless week and more, at last the B team gave the club something to cheer about tonight with a comprehensive victory over Second Division leaders Newcastle C. Dominic Taylor set the ball rolling with a draw on the bottom board in a remarkably long match. However, once the first game had finished, it was not long before the others followed and chief amongst these were excellent wins for David Buxton, Jack Healings and Sam Beardmore to secure the points.

16th March 2016

C Team Fall Apart at Newcastle

The C team’s hopes of Second Division glory this year flew out of the window at Newcastle B tonight in hot pursuit of the F team’s hopes of the Fourth Division. In a winless, cheerless evening, Bill Armstrong and Sandra Blackburn were the sole scorers – each with a hard-fought draw.

15th March 2016

D Team Hold on for a Draw at Kidsgrove

With the D team holding on to the lead in Division Three by the skin of their teeth, tonight’s draw with bottom of the table Kidsgrove was hardly what the team wanted. However, a win by Jon Blackburn and two draws by Sandra Blackburn and David Hallen were all well executed but not quite enough to bring home the bacon.

14th March 2016

Not Division Four Again

Meir B reinforced Friday’s message from Fenton C that the Fourth Division title is destined for another display case and not the one at Cheddleton this year. The F team’s visit was quite fruitless as only draws from David Rose and Paul Shelley lifted the gloom on a drab night.

11th March 2016

Division Four? I Don’t Think So

Bottom of the table Fenton C visited the club tonight for a Division Four match with the F team. Any last lingering pretensions towards the title in this dividion went swirling down the drain as only a win by Jack Healings and a draw from David Rose were left as reinders after the visitors were waved goodbye.

11th March 2016

Nothing Much to Shout About Tonight

It was a disappointing night tonight at Westwood with two defeats that could so easily have gone the other way.

The F team entertained a strong Fenton C team in Division Four and apart from a good effort by Jack Healings and a hard-fought draw from Dave Rose, nothing else was left to show for the experience.

In the Fifth Division game against Meir C, the H team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with only the ever-dependable Jacob Smith troubling the scorers.

9th March 2016

Farewell to the League Open Cup

Tonight saw the club team travel to Stafford to play the Semi Final of the League Open Cup Tournament. As befitted the occasion, it turned out to be a goodclose match between two good teams. Rob Shaw, Dave Buxton and Simon Edwards all drew on the top three boards but Stafford had the edge on the other five boards with only Bill Armstrong and Karol Grzybowski victorious for the visitors.

7th March 2016

G Team Cling to a Point

The G team had to work hard for a point tonight at Meir D with Dave Rose and Andrei Mihai winning on the top two boards to balance up defeats lower down.


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